Calendar of Events

These are the courses that are currently scheduled in Rosen Method School Finland:

Introductory workshops (open for everybody to begin to learn the method) 340€

05.-07.3.2021  Helsinki
28-30.5.2021  Helsinki
24-26.9.2021 Helsinki
12-14.11.2021 Helsinki

Our teachers can arrange their own Introductory workshops outsides from Helsinki
You could send an e-mail to ask more of them from Leena Saxberg

Week-end classes (for people who have already taken intro class workshop) 260€

24-25.4.2021 Helsinki
27-28.11.2021 Helsinki

Intensives ( for people who have already taken intro class workshop)   670€

20.-26.3.2021  Helsinki
14-20.6.2021   Kaarina, Tuorlan Majatalo
Leena Saxberg and Auli Verhelä
02-08.10.2021 Helsinki

Rosen anatomi ( rekommend for people who have taken min. two intensives ) 420€

15-18.4.2021 Helsinki

Rosen Movement class ( open for everybody ) three days:  330€ and five days : 450€

15-17.1.2021 Helsinki
05-08.8.2021 Helsinki

Please ask more about the courses:





To sign up for a course, please send email to: leena.saxberg (at)